Walt Disney's Taxi Driver & Your Morning Links

05.10.12 6 years ago

It’s like a darker version of Who Framed Roger Rabbit? [via HYST]

This Week in Posters and Stills: Apatow characters be poopin’, Madea gets Levy |Film Drunk|

Jon Hamm Answers Questions From Teenage Girls, Continues To Be Good At Everything |UPROXX|

ROFLMNBAO: A Tribute To The Many Faces Of Tyler Hansbrough |With Leather|

10 Songs Celebrating May, National Masturbation Month |Smoking Section|

Michael Bay’s Transformers Summarized In One Minute Of Brilliance |Gamma Squad|

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Ron Swanson Should Be a Judge on ‘The Voice’ |Warming Glow|

Sofia Vergara is Single |TheSuperficial|

21 Ways To Hide Your Booze And Drugs |Buzzfeed|

Could Humans Hibernate? |Mentalfloss|

A Guide to Lunchtime Social Groups, Through Life |College Humor|

Rejected Fox Headlines For Obama Backing Gay Marriage |HuffPost Comedy|

Cover of Super Mario Bros. 3 Soundtrack |TheDailyWhat|

In the “I knew it all along” department, that “revenge-filled dentist pulled out ex-boyfriend’s teeth” article was a hoax |Fark|

FilmDrunk Favorite Chet Haze Breaks His Legendary Silence On The Subject Of Bullying |Videogum|

The First 5 Women I’d Audition to Play A Female, Serial-Killing Version of “Dexter” |Pajiba|

Who is the Hot Girl in Motorola’s Droid RAZR Maxx Commercial? |Guy Speed|

Five Games that Are More Fun to Watch than Play |Unreality|

Film Moms That Are Worse Than That New Jersey Tanning Mom |ScreenJunkies|

Tenacious D Recruits Danny McBride As a Roadie |Brobible|

101 Reasons To Be Abstinent |NextRound|

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