Will Ferrell’s Spanish movie promises “funniest movie you’ll ever read”

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12.29.11 22 Comments

Today brings us (thanks to IMPA) a new poster for the Will Ferrell-and-Adam-McKay-produced Spanglish comedy, Casa De Mi Padre. They promise it will be “The funniest movie you’ll ever read,” which is a bold statement, considering Schindler’s List also had subtitles (*slide whistle, banana peel*). Anyway, I just checked my sweatpants, and yup, I’ve still got a big boner for this. Though I confess, I’m probably the ideal audience. My stepdad is Mexican, and my high school was 70-some percent Mexican, so I feel like I know all of their secrets. I’m basically the Mexican whisperer. And there are few things I’d enjoy more than Will Ferrell mocki– er, celebrating their culture for 90 minutes.

Casa De Mi Padre opens March 16th, which leaves plenty of time to add in more Cholombian sideburns. (It already has pointy boots, thankfully).

Here’s the previous poster:

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