This ‘Pokemon Go’ Player Being Mugged On Camera Is A Shocking Cautionary Warning

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Warning: The above video doesn’t contain any graphic content, but some may find it disturbing all the same.

Since the launch of Pokemon Go, we have, unfortunately, seen a fair number of stories about people being robbed or otherwise violently assaulted while playing the game. Up until now, we’ve only heard about these incidents after the fact, but now we have actual video footage of a Pokemon Go-related attack.

Twitch user Rickeybot had been going to New York’s Central Park alone at night to stream Pokemon Go footage all week. If you think that sounds like rather risky behavior, well, you’d be right, as he was mugged last night while in the midst of a stream. Live on camera, Twitch viewers saw an unknown assailant punch Rickeybot, knocking him to the ground, then steal his phone. We then hear the thief running from the scene, and see him try to shut down his victim’s phone. It’s all rather creepy in a voyeuristic sort of way.

Rickeybot suffered a swollen jaw and bump on the head, but otherwise escaped the incident okay. He has submitted his video to the police.

It has been said before, but it bears repeating – be aware of your surroundings while playing Pokemon Go. Are you waving your fancy new phone around in a place where you probably shouldn’t be? Are you about to walk off a dang cliff? Keep your senses intact, because your Pokemon aren’t going to save you if you get in trouble.

(Via Eurogamer)

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