‘Street Fighter V’ Producer Peter Rosas Talks Single-Player Modes, Balance Tweaks, And Sexy Costumes

03.04.16 2 years ago 4 Comments

I’ve spent the majority of my life playing Street Fighter and yet I’ve never become particularly good at it. Oh, sure, I can best unsuspecting and equally unskilled friends and family members, but I’ve never truly grasped the art of stringing moves together into an actual strategy. I just like throwing Hadokens, y’know? I don’t think I’m alone in that — there are a lot of casual street fighting men and women out there, and Capcom has tried to sell Street Fighter V as the perfect stepping-on point for new, lapsed and casual players.

Having played and reviewed Street Fighter V, I can say the mechanics do feel more accessible than they have in years, but unfortunately some other aspects of the game are far less welcoming. I recently asked Street Fighter V Associate Producer Peter Rosas the new fight mechanics and why some of the game’s modes and artistic choices seem to contradict Capcom’s casual-friendly messaging…

Why did Capcom decide it was time to streamline the series with Street Fighter V?

As Street Fighter IV had already been out for about eight years, we noticed that it became rather difficult for newcomers to play competitively due to a large number of complex mechanics present, as well as the robust roster. As the real magic of Street Fighter lies in out thinking your opponent and not in performing long combos filled with numerous button presses, we felt that it was the perfect time to hit reset and go back to basics.



Speaking of going back to basics, explain the new V-System. Why would it appeal to less experienced gamers?

The Variable System, or V-System, is the core of Street Fighter V’s battle engine. It consists of V-Skills and V-Triggers, both of which allow players to access the deeper aspects of their character through simple button presses. V-Skills, performed by pressing the medium attack buttons together, allow players to perform a skill that may help them around their character’s weakness. V-Triggers, performed by pressing the heavy attack buttons together, allow players to perform a unique ability that can help them potentially win the game even when they’re at a deficit.

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