‘Titanfall 2’ Is Classing It Up With Buffalo Wild Wings Exclusive Content And Modes

08.18.16 1 year ago 2 Comments

Hey, did you know there’s a new Titanfall game coming this holiday season? No, really! Titanfall 2 doesn’t seem to be generating that much hype, which doesn’t come as a huge surprise when you watch trailers like the on above. Sure, the game is polished enough, but it also looks rather soulless.

Well, speaking of soullessness, EA and developer Respawn Entertainment have announced they’re teaming with Buffalo Wild Wings to offer a big sticky pile of exclusive Titanfall 2 content! Yup, bros who hit up the wings ‘n’ sports chain can get themselves Buffalo Wild Wings-themed skins for their mechs, and access to an exclusive game mode. Wait, what? Games have been giving away useless skins and XP on bags of Doritos for years, but an entire game mode? Here’s how EA’s press release describes said mode:

Guests can also receive a ticket to an all-new multiplayer mode. Obtaining a code at Buffalo Wild Wings guarantees players immediate access to this new mode where players have the chance to earn huge rewards — more than anywhere else in the game — when the game launches on October 28. Guests can receive a new code every time they visit a restaurant throughout the promotional period. In addition, Buffalo Wild Wings will feature Titanfall 2 branding and game imagery on takeout boxes, napkins, as well as a co-branded Mountain Dew Collector’s Edition 32 ounce takeout cup.

Of course Mountain Dew is getting in on the scheme. Of course.

This whole thing raises a lot of questions. For example, does the code you get from your local B Dubs only work for a limited time? Do you have to keep going back to get continued access to this mode? Also, is it a good idea to give some players “huge rewards” and a competitive advantage in your multiplayer shooter because they happen to eat a lot of wings? I’d say no, but perhaps I’m just not grasping EA and Respawn’s artistic vision for Titanfall 2.

You’ll be able to get your greasy fingers on Titanfall 2 on Oct. 28.

(Via Business Wire)

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