Today In Nintendo Humor, Intentional And Accidental

10.20.11 6 years ago

We’ve got not one but two videos for you today, both about Nintendo, and only one of them deliberately funny.

The first is an adventure in selective bleeping: a comedy troupe took those old, godawful Zelda cartoons and made them much, much racier by knocking out a few words. Although you’ve got to wonder what the writing team was thinking when they wrote in Zelda trying to take off Link’s belt. You’ll never view his sudden jump to puberty in “Ocarina of Time” the same way again.

The second is a power ballad written to Shigeru Miyamoto, who, yes, is a respected game designer and a powerful influence on pop culture, but this song is…it’s…it’s a freaking power ballad about a game designer. And it kinda makes the poor guy sound like something of a child molester. You’ll find it embedded up top, while the Zelda vid is below after the jump.

Now, what does “father of my childhood” even mean?

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