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"Double Dragon" Reboot Rich With Unfortunate Implications

By 04.06.12

In its day, “Double Dragon” was a classic, a game that caused many controllers to be flung in angry joy. So a reboot/remake makes a lot of sense.

Unless, you know, you’re remotely aware of how we’ve changed as a society since the 1980s.

It’s one thing when, say, Capcom just ports “Final Fight”, because it was the ’80s and we didn’t know better. It’s another thing when you build a game from the ground up to punch stereotypical black guys (complete with giant bushy Afros) and women in fetish gear. Hell, the game opens with a dude literally walking up to a woman and gut-punching her.

Yeah, we know the game is set in the pop-culture idea of the ’80s, with all the denim vests and high fives and semi-post-apocalyptic gang wars, but come on. Take a look at the trailer under the cut and tell us you don’t think somebody should have said “Um, guys?”

image courtesy Majesco

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