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Brony Pick-Up Lines: Fifty Percent Of The Time It Works Every Time

By 09.06.12
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Care to start your day with some My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic double entendres? Comediva posted a set of brony pick-up lines that have us feeling like we can eat all those apples, if you know what I’m saying. (Because I don’t.) And you may be wondering why you would want to learn pick-up lines for bronies, the adult fans of My Little Pony. The picture above should be reason enough. If it isn’t, here are three more reasons:




So, if you sidle up to one of these hotties at a Bronycon, do you want the conversation to end with a Sonic Rainboom? (That’s a euphemism. For the sex.) Or do you want it to end like this:

Thankfully, Comediva is here to help step your pony game up. Our favorite brony pick-up lines are collected below.

This one seems the most true to life.

Check out the rest of the Brony Pick-Up Lines at Comediva.

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