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By / 02.21.13

- Media Molecule, the makers of LittleBigPlanet are out to show something. Sculpt objects using Playstation Move. Make collages and game levels out of people’s sculpted objects. Well, this sculpting game looks fun and innovative! What’s it called? Oh, it was just a tech demo? Hmmm.

- We see a video of a couple guys mindlessly tilting and swinging move controllers around, which somehow causes detailed 3D characters to engage in complex, intricately animated routines. Are we supposed to think the guys with the Move controllers are actually making this stuff happen? Come on Sony, this is guys jumping behind the couch with Wiimotes stuff.

- Yoshinori Ono of Capcom is out, and he unveils Deep Down, a new fantasy RPG…maybe? It’s got dragons, so there’s a good chance it’s at least a little RPG-ish.

Instant Reaction – It took nearly two hours, but here’s a game that doesn’t look like it could be done on current gen consoles! I mean, assuming everything we saw wasn’t a cutscene. Capcom, who knew you had it in ya?

- Okay, now Yoshihisa Hashimoto of Square-Enix is out. He shows the Square-Enix tech demo that’s been around for a while. Also believe it or not, they’re working on a new Final Fantasy.

- Watch Dogs is coming to the PS4 (although it’s also going to be on current gen systems and the Wii U).

Instant Reaction – “The heart of America. Feels like, somewhere it must have skipped a beat.” Woof — hopefully that line’s not indicative of all the writing. Looks impressive though (although again, it mostly fails The Last of Us test).

- Diablo III and Destiny are also hitting the PS4.

- ..and that’s it! The PS4 is coming holiday 2013. No mention of a price, and weirdly, we never actually got to see what the machine itself looks like.

Overall Thoughts

Give me a minute to stretch my legs — my butt fell asleep sometime during the past two hours.

I’m sure most of the games shown last evening will be good and the Playstation 4 will be a perfectly fine system, but Sony certainly didn’t fill be with the urgent need to upgrade. The system doesn’t seem to have any sort of hook that changes gaming in any significant way. The “share” button, being able to suspend games and Media Molecule’s sculpting thing all looked neat, but “neat” is about as far as I’d go.

The PS4′s leap in processing power will probably mean something eventually, but most of the games Sony showed off today didn’t look much better than top-level current gen games. Sure, tech heads who count every pixel and dropped frame will appreciate the difference, but the average consumer isn’t going to appreciate the difference between The Last of Us or even an Assassin’s Creed III and Killzone: Shadow Fall. Hell, I’ve been playing and obsessing over video games for almost 30-years and even I struggle to see the difference.

In place of an actual, tangible reason to upgrade Sony provided a lot of flowery marketing speak and vague promises. For a company trying to brand themselves as “a leading authority on play”, Sony didn’t look like much of a leader last night.

How about your folks? Wowed by the Playstation 4? Disappointed? Let your voice be heard.

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