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‘Breaking Bad’ Sitcom, Pixar’s ‘Elysium’, ‘Adventure Time’ LEGO, And Other Mashups

By / 08.16.13
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mashup of Adventure Time and Michelangelo's The Creation of Adam made by Melanie Herring

Good afternoon you princes of Maine, you kings of New England, you stalkers of Jennifer Lawrence. Here are all the mashup and parody videos I didn’t get a chance to cover, thrown in your face like you’re Jodie Foster working for the FBI.
Darth Heisenberg by P.J. McQuade
In the offing for today:

  1. FIRST VIDEO: Oh my glob, Cartoon Network remade the opening of Adventure Time with LEGO, which reminds us: why don't we have Adventure Time LEGO sets yet? UNACCEPTABLE. [via Kotaku]
  2. SECOND VIDEO: We've posted a previous installment of Game of Thrones as a Seinfeld-style sitcom, and this scene was too good to pass up. [Thanks to Matin for sending this in.]
  3. THIRD VIDEO: What do you get when you combine Elysium, Wall-E, and just a skosh of Behind the Candelabra? A mashup of Matt Damon's career that could benefit from just a bit of Team America at the very end. (NSFW language) [via /film]
  4. FOURTH VIDEO: Breaking Bad may be in its final season, but that doesn't mean Jesse Pinkman can't get a rebooted spin-off family comedy set in the '80s. (spoilers) [via Laughing Squid]
  5. FIFTH VIDEO: "Now the story of a thunder god who lost everything, and the one brother who has no choice but to help him out. It's Thorested Development." [Thanks to Leigh for sending this in.]
  6. Banner picture: An ACCEPTABLE mashup of Adventure Time and Michelangelo's The Creation of Adam made by Melanie Herring. [via]
  7. Inset picture: Darth Heisenberg by P.J. McQuade (prints and stickers available here).


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