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‘Tekken 7’ Has Been Announced. Here’s The First Ludicrously Dramatic Trailer.

By 07.15.14

Bandai Namco

This past weekend was the big 2014 EVO fighting game tournament, so a lot of fighting game news has hit the Internet recently including the reveal that Tekken 7 is on the way.

Unfortunately if you’re hoping for some indication of what the game will actually play like, don’t look to the Tekken 7 debut trailer for any answers. The trailer certainly is flashy and melodramatic — in fact that’s all it is. If you didn’t recognize the name Heihachi, you’d have not idea this trailer was even for a fighting game.

Uh, well, all that said, check out the first Tekken 7 trailer below…

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Hmmm, personally I’m reserving judgement until I see next-generation King or, uh, that tree guy (I’m expecting some mind blowing bark textures, guys).


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