Robert Downey Junior Is Really Pumped About These ‘Iron Man 3’ Set Photos

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10.02.12 13 Comments

We still have to wait a couple more weeks for the first trailer for Iron Man 3, but we have a few photos from the set to tide us over until then. The shooting has moved from the set in North Carolina to the set at Dania Beach, Florida, after a break for Robert Downey Jr. to recover from an ankle injury. They shot at a replica of the L.A. biker’s hangout Neptune’s Net. Despite still donning an ankle brace, RDJ seems pretty happy here.

The pictures below show Tony Stark’s new Mark XLVII armor (Mark XLVII already?) and the Iron Patriot armor, an upgrade to James Rhodes’ War Machine armor. The movie releases next May 3rd, which gives cosplayers plenty of time to make homemade Iron Patriot suits for our amusement. Get on that, cosplayers. For America.

[H/T: Daily Mail and CBM.]

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