Cat Impersonates Human And Afternoon Links

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Trombone + GoPro camera = HILARITY. [David Finlayson via Reddit]

Meet The Awesome Mom Who Made Her Son Sign An 18-Point Contract To Get His First iPhone |UPROXX|

The Vikings May Have Lost, But This Minnesota Local News Report Wins Everything |Warming Glow|

Pictured: Arnold Schwarzenegger crushed a car with a tank today |Film Drunk|

Vampire Weekend To Release Third Album This Spring |Smoking Section|

The Best Of Vintage WWF Royal Rumble Promos |With Leather|

Ray Lewis Bid Farewell To The Dirt |Kissing Suzy Kolber|

Painful Yoga Ball Fail |Gorilla Mask|

Why Seth MacFarlane Sucks |Smosh|

Jackie Chan’s 10 Best Stunts |Unreality|

Cinema’s Most Dynamic Duos of 2012 |Pajiba|

Cat Smuggles Gadgets into Prison |Technabob|

20 Athlete Crushes from Your Childhood |Brobible|

A Close Encounter With A Polar Bear |High Definite|

27 Cats Who Can’t Believe What They Just Saw |HuffPo|

Napoleon Wasn’t Short, Vikings Didn’t Wear Horned Helmets, and 3 More Historical Misconceptions |Mental Floss|

Blackface Is Still Totally Cool in Germany, Apparently |Hypervocal|

The 12 Most Important Sneakers Over The Last Decade |Giant Life|

13 Actors Whose Faces You Know From TV But Names You Don’t |Buzzfeed|

What to Say When Someone Knocks on the Bathroom Door |College Humor|

“Top 10 Worst Solo Albums by Superstar Band Members” is just begging for a fight |Fark|

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