Nicholas Robatto’s Steampunk Rayguns

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09.22.11 2 Comments

Nicholas Robatto builds several props, including these rayguns for sale in his Etsy store. My favorite is the one pictured above, “The Clockwork Vaporizer” with brass filigree, a carved oak handle, distressed leather accents, and green LEDs so you know it’s steampunk. (They could never get enough of LEDs back in the steampunk phase of the industrial revolution. Why yes I did get awesome grades in history.)

Prices for these prop ray-guns currently range from $375 to $860 (USD), and each one is handmade and sold in a limited edition. They each come with a matching stand and a certificate of authenticity too. [Technabob]

Check out our gallery below to see eight of Robatto’s rayguns currently for sale.
[Hat tip and a variety of pew pew noises to Technabob and Nerdcore.]

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