God Doesn't Build In Straight Lines In The First Clip From 'Prometheus'

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Ridley Scott has released the first clip from Prometheus, which opens in just a few more weeks (June 8th). Check out Idris Elba standing up and not tethered to anything while flying his highfalutin spaceship with its transparent screens and its colorful bloopy buttons. Oooo, look who doesn’t have to sit down while flying because he never gets tired legs or turbulence, Mister My-Monitor-Is-See-Through-And-Two-Feet-Higher-Than-Yours. La dee da, your majesty.
Then Logan Marshall-Green points out a primo spot to land the Prometheus, saying, “God does not build in straight lines.” Although that’s not entirely true, it makes for a compelling scene. But even more compelling is Idris Elba’s baseball cap, which appears and then disappears from scene to scene. So mysterious.
The clip is below along with 6 new photos we felt compelled to caption.
[Sources: CBM and SuperHeroHype]

This smug bastard will not shut up about the health benefits of a standing desk.

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Conversely, best disco ever.

“Oh, me? Just looking at da Vinci drawings and watching a kid play violin in a meadow. Totally wasn’t watching Bangbus. How long were you standing there?”

“Easter Island? Yeah I know those guys. Total douchebags.”

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