'Prometheus' Drops A Spoiler-Filled Promo And Poster

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05.17.12 9 Comments

This isn’t the spoiler . . . OR IS IT?

All the real Prometheus spoilers are after the break. We’ll just say this: the new promo shows some of the creatures we can expect to see wreaking havoc in this movie and helps explain how they earned that R-rating. The new international poster gives away a much larger spoiler, so I won’t even attempt to describe it other than to say it may involve a Yip Yip from the Muppets taking up residency in Noomi Rapace. (It doesn’t.)

[Sources: CBM (1, 2) and io9]

Here are some spoilery highlights:

Giggity. Now that’s how you get an R-rating.

And here’s that revealing-way-too-much poster:

Um, is that the ending? Thanks, poster.

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