Ridiculously Cute Pug, Ridiculously Good Singing, and Links

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02.23.11 2 Comments

10 Great Shows That Died After One Season [Uproxx]

Just How Fat Is Your Pet Gonna Get? [UproxxNews]

Motion Picture Music: 50 Great Soundtrack Raps [TSS]

Endless Justin Bieber Death Remixes [WarmingGlow]

This Made My Day (Short Film) [Filmdrunk]

TV Gourmet: How to Make Milk Steak and Four Other Pop Culture Meals [WarmingGlow]

1980s Skate Witches? That Takes Us Back… [WithLeather]

Hipster Kickball [AdultSwim]

Amazing Pictures Of Old London [EgoTV]

The N00b’s Guide to Tumblr [Urlesque]

Lady Gaga’s Using Catholic Imagery Again [TheSuperficial]

Justin Bieber’s Haircut, As Analyzed by Wendy Williams [TVSquad]

The Worst Superhero Sex Partners [Unreality]

Top 10 Weird and Wonderful Oscar Statistics You May Have Missed [Moviefone]

Video Game Controlled By Making Out — Kiss Controller [G4TV]

VIDEO BELOW: The best cover of “Sweet Child O’ Mine” I’ve seen yet. [via Reddit]

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