The “Judge Dredd” Remake Just Fired Its Director?

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The first response of any sane human being, upon hearing that somebody is trying to make another “Judge Dredd” movie, is “why?” The second is “this is being produced by the 21st century version of Golan-Globus, isn’t it?” You’d be largely correct: some Indian company called Reliance Entertainment is paying for it, and the distribution is being handled by cheese machine Lionsgate.

Anyway, the director, Peter Travis, had finished shooting a script by Alex Garland (“28 Days Later”) and was in the editing room, but apparently has been locked out and Garland has taken over the editing process. For those unfamiliar with how film works, this is a lot like Garland coming to Travis’ house, peeing on his lawn, and banging his wife, professionally speaking.

Garland is apparently driving the editing process so much he might seek a codirector credit. Travis, meanwhile, is supposedly following the production on the Internet. So he’s probably reading this. Hi, Mr. Travis! Hope this crappy movie doesn’t T-bone your career!

[ via those who are the law at 24 Frames ]

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