What Comic Book Character Do You Most Want To Come Back?

06.29.12 6 years ago 24 Comments

There are characters we all love and hang onto, in comics.

For me, it’s The Heckler.

This is about as obscure as comic books from the Big Two get: he had a six issue series back in 1992 that was never reprinted in any form that I’m aware of, he was dragged into actual DC continuity a total of once in a one-shot Patton Oswalt wrote, and even when they went on their massive ’90s nostalgia kick recently, no dice.

Possibly this is due to the rights; Keith Geffen may own the Heckler lock, stock and barrel.

As for why I miss the Heckler, it’s because the books are kind of unreconstructed goofiness that you rarely see in comics. They were basically Bugs Bunny cartoons in yellow spandex, and a reminder that comics could be fun.

That and I’m kind of wondering how many times Stu has had to replace his diner’s sign.

How about you? What character do you miss the most?

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