10 alternate titles for ‘Stonewall’ based on its bizarre new poster

08.27.15 2 years ago

There's this Roland Emmerich movie “Stonewall” coming out about the riots at New York's Stonewall Inn in 1969 that paved the way for the LGBT civil rights movement. We discussed earlier how the trailer's cloying feel seems disappointing. Now we have a poster to ogle. I'll be: It does not get better.


Now, now: I have not seen this film. I don't know how successfully it will defy our expectations and present an accurate picture of the uprising. But I did have to check multiple sources to make sure this poster wasn't a fraud. Look at it. Look at those ragtag, smiling kids. Is this a poster for a critical LGBT moment or Six Flags? It's time to rename this movie. Here are the best ten options.

1. Step Up 4… Civil Rights

2. So You Think You Can Disturb the Peace

3. The Sandlot 3: We Play Ball Like a Girl

4. Xanadu 2: Campier 

5. Three-Dollar Tanktop: How H&M Sparked a Revolution

6. The Newsies National Tour

7. The Burger King Kids Club and the Whopper of a Summer

8. The Glee Project: Origins

9. Charming B-Roll of the Lost Boys from 'Hook'

10. You Got Served Injustice

Stonewall hits theaters September 25.

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