10 hilarious tweets from comedian Bridger Winegar

06.03.13 4 years ago

You know those people who claim to be redheads because they have maybe one strawberry blonde strand for every 20 pieces of yellow? Who spend a lot of time standing in the sunshine, tilting their heads at weird angles? And hand out rose-tinted glasses to all their friends at the start of every meeting? Well, Bridger Winegar is not that kind of redhead.

Bridger Winegar is, in fact, an undisputed redhead of a comedian, who has inspired a slew of fan sites devoted to the on-camera appearances he made while working on “The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson.” He tweets as @bridger_w, and offers a delightful stream of comedy that is only sometimes about eating too many cookies. Here are 10 of Bridger’s greatest tweets:

10. I can almost always tell if a movie doesn’t use real dinosaurs.

9. Do you struggle with rational thinking and basic literacy? Let us know in the comments below.

8. Occasionally I like to stroll into a bank, pull a gun, shout “Everybody be cool!” and then hand out sunglasses and leather jackets.

7. When a cashier thanks you for your purchase, unsettle them by looking deep in their eyes and softly saying, “Anything for a friend.”

6.Dating is interesting because often it ends up you’ve just been doing undercover research on your future enemy.

5. When speaking to me, please remember you’re addressing someone who’s had at least one account password described as “strong.”

4. Olive Garden removed fries and milkshakes from their menu. It must hurt for the cook who brought those recipes back from Tuscany.

3. I love nachos. I wish more foods simulated digging through the garbage.

2. If you’re behind someone at an ATM at night, let them know you’re not a threat by gently kissing their neck.

1. The Hobbit is so unrealistic. How are that many guys with beards not in a band?

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