10 lessons from 10 body-swapping movies

07.07.15 3 years ago

Ben Kingsley is getting a new body – Ryan Reynolds” body, to be specific – in “Self/less,” a sci-fi thriller that opens in theaters this Friday.

“Self/less” joins a long tradition of body-swapping and new body tales, from the 1882 novel “Vice Versa” that”s inspired four films adaptations to kids-turned-grown-ups movies like “Big” and “13 Going on 30.”

Whenever a character”s consciousness gets transferred to a new body, the events that follow are usually an exercise in walking in another man”s shoes, and the moral of the story is often “my own life ain”t so bad after all.” But body-swapping movies have a few other lessons to teach us. Check out the gallery below for the lessons we learned from “Freaky Friday,” “17 Again” and other body switcheroo movies.

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