10 More Reasons Kim Kardashian Cropped Her Child Out of a Photo

12.15.14 3 years ago

Kim Kardashian just tried posting a flattering photo of herself on Instagram and was met with a wave of criticism for noticeably cropping out her daughter North. She defended the decision by tweeting, “Her eyes were closed and I was feeling my look! Can I live?!?!” Oh, Kim. Can you? Can we?

Based on those actual words, we will now offer up 10 other reasons Kim Kardashian would crop her kid out of a photograph.


1. “She wasn't wearing any name brands.” 

2. “She doesn't subscribe to 'Paper' magazine.”

3. “Her agent and my agent are in a fight.”

4. “Her neck is too tall.”

5. “Her single flopped.”

6. “Her smile is dated.”

7. “She botched her hosting audition for 'X-Factor.'”

8. “My husband claims she's not being 'art' at this moment.”

9. “Ryan Seacrest says she's not shiny enough.”

10. “She has too much talent.”

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