10 things wearing a menstruating vagina t-shirt says about you

10.07.13 4 years ago

Ah, American Apparel: it had been so long since you’d given us something to be scandalized by. But thankfully, you’ve made up for that lapse by releasing a t-shirt adorned with an illustration of a bleeding vagina. Sound appealing, ye AA customer? Well, the “Period Power” shirt is unisex and comes in all sized, so you have no excuse to miss picking one up.

And if you do get your hands on one of these shirts, here’s are 10 things wearing it says about you:

1. You are super into nail art.
2. You are not super into bikini waxing.
3. You think menstrual blood is pink!
4. You now know menstrual blood is not pink.
5. You are more knowledgeable about the female body than cinema’s Carrie.
6. Old people are often embarrassed around you.
7. You are too cool for Urban Outfitters.
8. Menstrual blood is red.
9. You are not shy.
10. You have next years Coachella outfit all ready to go.

(via Jezebel)

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