Regulation Star Wars Stormtrooper gear includes swim shoes and surfboards at DragonCon


Jereme Dickens/HitFix

DragonCon is a different beast (zing!) than either San Diego or New York. Spread out over several hotels instead of cramming walls of flesh into a box masquerading as a convention center creates a less claustrophobic atmosphere.

In that breathing space, cosplayers feel more comfortable bringing out the big guns. Wings, tails, horns, and accessories that would be tattered within moments at another Comic-Con are out in droves. Including this laid back stormtrooper.

I mean, even the 501st – hell, ESPECIALLY the 501st – deserve some extended shore leave!

Image Credit: Jereme Dickens/HitFix

But he didn”t just look the part. He also SOUNDED the part.

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