13 Times Your Sims Were Total Losers

05.05.14 3 years ago

Screenshots are out from “The Sims 4,” the newest installment in the mega-franchise that began dominating PCs back in 2000. The game, originally called “Dollhouse,” lets the player create a household, gain money, and hopefully transform a shambles residence into a decadent, gargantuan estate.

If you ever owned “The Sims,” you know the characters in the game spent most of their time going to work, chatting with housemates, and pulling the same bag of chips out of the fridge time and again. Otherwise, they were total losers. Here are 13 times our Sims were truly embarrassing. 

1. When they referred to sex in a vibrating bed as “Wahoo.”


That porny valentine-colored bed looks right at home with the Astroturf flooring, guys. 

2. When they played chess by themselves.


Which is more worth it: gaining one “logic” point or losing all your friends?

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