20 Mind-Blowing 3D Cinema GIFS: No Glasses Required

02.13.14 2 Comments

The popularity of 3D film comes in waves. Every few years, someone decides to take up the mantle once more and subject audiences to silver screen dioramas. But there’s always a draw back – blue and red glasses that make you look like a dork, or trying to wear glasses on top of glasses, or the percent of the population who just can’t make their eyes see 3D because genetics. 

But while Hollywood has been perfecting the technological advances during this latest 3D craze, the people of Tumblr had a different idea. White lines. Yep. That’s it. Just white lines. So simple. But adding them in to a GIF transforms it from a looping clip to an amazing optical illusion.

#1 – Merida – ‘Brave’

Via Tumblr

#2 – Astronauts – ‘Gravity’

Via Tumblr

#3 – Sherlock Holmes – ‘Sherlock’

Via Tumblr

Okay that last one was clearly made by a wizard. Need to see more? Of course you do! After the jump behold the best that mortal man and eternal GIF wizards can create for our amusement.

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