11 Fan Posters From 2013 That Put The Professionals To Shame

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01.07.14 7 Comments

If you’re like 98% of people living in a country where films are medium of entertainment, you’ve probably been to the movies in the last year. And if you’re older than twelve, you’ve probably been driven slowly to jaded cynicism over the bland repetitive state of movie posters today.

If you’ve got seven minutes – I know that’s like two hours in Internet time – the folks over at GoodBadFlicks explain our collective malaise in a concise, amusing way. If you don’t, or you can multi-task, or you want to watch AND see some fantastic fan posters that should make professional designers cry into their pillows at night, skip down below.

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Everyone here? Okay, let’s get down to it. There were a lot of bad movie posters in 2013. So much so savvy movie goers wonder if they’re even trying anymore or if it’s just down to plugging the plot elements into an algorithm and letting it spit out actors superimposed over an orange/teal background. But fear not. When a generic poster rears its head the fans are in the wings, waiting to swoop down and create jaw-dropping alternative posters. What qualifies as jaw-dropping? In this case, the criteria were simple: ‘Is this poster worthy of being framed and put on the wall of a college dorm or den?’ And these eleven rose to the occasion. See them all – and their official counterparts for comparison – after the jump!

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