2015 Golden Globes nominations predictions: ‘Fargo,’ ‘Birdman,’ Cumberbatch and more

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The SAG Awards nominations are only hours away, but we're focusing our predictions first on the awards show that seems to matter the most this week to Hollywood, the Golden Globes.

Granted, that might seem strange since the Screen Actors Guild is filled with actual Oscar and Emmy Awards voters and clearly should provide insight into how those two big guns shake out every season. But the Globes have become the marketing vehicle that both studios and networks use to fuel their product for weeks on end. Of course, the SAGs mean much more to the Oscar race, but those 80 or so Hollywood Foreign Press Association members can infiltrate their little fingers into the television landscape, often bringing unsung shows a needed boost of publicity (and that might be the nicest thing HitFix's TV editors can say about them). That being said, let's look at what we know about the HFPA this year, shall we?

On the movie side we know they like all the films you'd think they'd like, including “The Imitation Game,” “Boyhood,” “Selma,” “The Theory of Everything” and “Birdman.” Word is they are also fans of “Inherent Vice,” “Top Five” and “St. Vincent.” “Gone Girl,” “Unbroken” or “Into the Woods?” Well, categories need to be filled, but don't be surprised if there is an unexpected snub or two (or not).

On the TV side we pretty much know that they like HBO and we expect them to like “Fargo.” We'd expect them to like “Orange is the New Black,” too, except they mostly snubbed that Netflix breakout last year. Still, it's important to remember they usually go for the underdog, which means The CW's critically acclaimed “Jane the Virgin” has a chance of landing a nomination or two.

With that in mind, check out HitFix's predictions for the 2015 Golden Globe nominations from Daniel Fienberg (TV) and Gregory Ellwood (HitFix) and an assist from Kris Tapley in the embedded gallery below.

Look for complete coverage of both the SAG Awards and Golden Globe Awards nominations bright and early Wednesday and Thursday morning on HitFix.

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