‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ trailer: 21 mindblowing screengrabs

03.31.15 3 years ago

Warner Bros. has hit us with yet another spectacular trailer for “Mad Max: Fury Road,” the fourth entry in the storied action franchise and the first installment to hit the big screen in nearly 30 years.

I'll be honest: I have a problem with glorifying war and violence in general. I think Hollywood's tendency to put a polish on human brutality can lead to desensitization in the culture at large. That said, the world created by writer/director George Miller in the “Mad Max” series is so off-the-rails bizarre, almost alien, that I think the impact of the violence is lessened somewhat.

And let's not get it twisted: there is some mindblowingly gorgeous imagery on display here. Below I've compiled 21 searing screengrabs from the latest trailer (embedded below) that are so beautiful they could be hung in a museum.

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