225 days until Star Wars: DARTH VADER #5 has freakin’ SPACE WHALES in it


Marvel Entertainment

In the preview of DARTH VADER #5, the Sith Lord and his archaeologist cohort Aphra are on the trail of both those the Emperor might replace his apprentice with and the boy who destroyed the Death Star. With a droid army at his back, Vader is set to cut a swath of destruction through his enemies.

But for fans of “Doctor Who” there is something else in DARTH VADER #5 that will delight. Space whales are making the jump from 33rd city center to a galaxy far, far away.

Here”s the Star Whale from “The Beast Below”:

Image Credit: BBC

And here”s the Space Whales (official species name unknown) from DARTH VADER #5, gliding through a nebula with secret bases on their backs.

Image Credit: Marvel Entertainment. Ary by Salvador Larroca.


You can read the entire DARTH VADER #5 preview over at StarWars.com. The issue will be on sale May 13, 2015.

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