232 days until Star Wars: Welcome to beautiful, subterranean Sullust in PRINCESS LEIA #3

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In the latest issue of PRINCESS LEIA, the Alderaanian princess continues her quest to gather up the remnants of her people in the wake of the Death Star”s destruction. Her travels bring her to the volcanic planet of Sullust, home of these guys.

Image Credit: Lucasfilm

Sullust has a history within the Star Wars Expanded Universe (EU). Within the official lore, Sullust was mentioned in passing during “Return of the Jedi” and seen briefly in the background of space battle during the “Nightsisters” episode of “The Clone Wars.” But PRINCESS LEIA #3 is the first time we”ve gone back on-planet since the consolidation of the lore.

In what is – hopefully – the first of many instances, Sullust looks near identical to its former EU self. The surface of the planet is a hostile environment full of active volcanoes. Yet beneath the crust, the Sullustans (and refugee Alderaanians) live in town and cities.

Image Credit: Marvel/Lucasfilm. Art by Terry Dodson.

There”s even a resurgence of official local fauna. Sullustan Rockrenders – a species formerly only mentioned in passing – get a glorious debut and a a smattering of biology. True to their name, Rockrenders feed on the delicious taste of minerals, posing no threat to organic life…as long as they don”t get trampled or encase themselves in delicious mineral-based armor, that is.

Image Credit: Marvel/Lucasfilm. Art by Terry Dodson.

With Sullust a fully operational piece of canon and Nar Shadaa mentioned in STAR WARS #4, fans of excised EU planets should rejoice. Slowly but surely, Disney/Lucasfilm is getting the band back together!

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