234 days until Star Wars: Purple Twi’leks officially enter the lore as common hue

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In the Star Wars Expanded Universe, Twi'leks came in a rainbow of colors. Then along came Disney and the great culling…

In the entirety of the official Star Wars saga, there was only a single instance of a purple Twi”lek. During a brief moment on Coruscant in Episode II, Lunae Minx (played by George Lucas” daughter, Katie) steals a glance at Anakin. For the rest of the series, Twi”leks are green, blue, or occasionally tan. A handful of red Twi”lek females were also peppered throughout the prequels.

With the release of the Star Wars novel “Lords of the Sith” by Paul S. Kemp today, red returns to the rarest Twi”lek color in the galaxy. Within the first 20 pages, new purple Twi”leks appear as part of the Free Ryloth movement that is a thorn in Darth Vader”s side.

Who knows? Perhaps further reading will reveal the official canon explanation for red Twi”leks. Will they return to a coveted genetic mutation known as the Lethan? Or will they simply be another variation rolled out by the dice of recessive genes?

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