268 days until Star Wars: Someone decoded the ‘Rebels’ shopping list because reasons


Did you know Star Wars has its own language? It might sound like everyone is speaking English, but it”s actually known as Galactic Basic Standard. The written form is called Aurebesh, and it”s what is scribbled all over the signs in a galaxy far, far away.

So when a shopping list turned up on “Star Wars Rebels” last season, it didn”t take long before some intrepid fans translated it for the rest of us.

Via Reddit

Interestingly, it appears the episode this shopping list is from – “Fighter Flight” – was originally slated to be the 5th episode instead of the 2nd. Along with the infamous Meiloorun Melon, Hera also requested several questionable items. What is Science Dip and does it go with chips or is it something for the engine? Why are dill pickles suffering from a severe case of Punctuation Shaker? What exactly do you do with a “riding” ham? And most importantly, what are space waffles??

Redditor ReboZooty had the answer to that last question.

Via Reddit

Great. Now we just need the recipe and a triangular waffle maker and we”re ready for on-brand Star Wars breakfast!

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