4 retro cable channels in the works — one each for the ’60s, ’70s, ’80s and ’90s

05.31.13 4 years ago

4 retro cable channels in the works — one each for the ’60s, ’70s, ’80s and ’90s
Shows like “Three’s Company” and “Lost in Space” aren’t on syndication anymore, so these new retro channels would chance that.

Dylan Sprouse: Disney Channel tried to steal our “Suite Life” spinoff idea

Dylan says he and his brother pitched an idea that was rejected — a pitch that Disney would pitch back to them a year later, he claims.

Fox trying out “The Real,” a “View”-like summer talk show hosted by Tamera Mowry

Mowry will be joined in the summer test run of the show by Tamar Braxton, Adrienne Bailon, Jeannie Mai and comedian Loni Love.

Kristen Bell talks to Ellen about being a mom
“It’s better than expected,” she says of motherhood.

“Girls” porn parody stars respond to Lena Dunham
Alex Chance, who plays the Hannah role in “This Ain’t Girls XXX,” points out that she, too, is promoting that you don’t have to be skinny to be filmed having sex. PLUS: You can now get e-mails from Lena Dunham.

Jessica Walter binge-watched “Arrested Development” Season 4
She started Sunday afternoon and finished on Memorial Day. Walter also says she was impressed by Kristen Wiig’s impression of Lucille. PLUS: Meet the “Arrested” composer, the most obscure easter eggs from this season, meet the artist behind the final song of Season 4, and producers dropped in a Facebook chat sound.

California approves Snoopy license plates
The state assembly passed a bill today allowing the sale of Snoopy license plates to help fund museums.

Here are 10 comedians who could end up on “SNL” next season
They include John Mulaney, who might be considered for “Weekend Update.”

Before “SNL,” The Lonely Island worked with Fox, MTV and Comedy Central
The trio of Andy Samberg, Akiva Schaffer and Jorma Taconne wrote for the MTV Movie Awards when Lindsay Lohan and Jimmy Fallon hosted, plus they pitched Fox on a pilot proposal.

A&E’s “Occult” adds Agnes Bruckner

Bruckner is fresh off playing Anna Nicole Smith in a Lifetime movie.

Check out clips from the new “Breaking Bad” DVD set

Including behind the scenes footage of Skyler walking into the pool.

“Pregnant & Dating” debuts tonight
The WEtv reality show promise to show “all the drama, conflict and inherent comedy” of pregnant women dating.

New Philadelphia mural pays tribute to The Roots

See Jimmy Fallon’s band’s “Legendary” multistory mural.

“Honey Boo Boo” dog dies
China, the family dog, was hit by a car this week.

Will Arnett talks about quitting smoking, getting in shape and not dating
The “Arrested Development” star says: “That’s my one true love affair-cigarettes.”

“Futurama” books “Batman’s” Adam West and Burt Ward
They’ll lend their voices to the June 19 episode.

Watch Aimee Teegarden on “Star-Crossed”
CW has released an extended preview of its alien “Roswell”-esque high school drama.

Showtime’s “Richard Pryor: Omit the Logic” tries to show the comic, warts and all
Everyone interviewed seems both awed and disappointed by Pryor. PLUS: There will be lots of omissions.

“The Killing” is back — back to taking its sweet, sweet time
“As was the case with the first two seasons of ‘The Killing,'” says Matt Zoller Seitz, “this new one takes its sweet, sweet time getting going, and as it slowly gains momentum, it carries itself as if it’s the greatest series in the history of American television, single-handedly reinventing the police procedural for the 21st century. This wouldn’t be a deal breaker if the characterizations, dialogue, and plotting (however glacial) were rich enough that we were happy to luxuriate in moments and marvel at the show’s distinctive color scheme: ocher, teal, brown, and bone-white. But they’re not that rich. They just aren’t. Sorry, ‘Killing.'” PLUS: “The Killing” is as addictive as ever, it’s a network drama trying to be a top-tier cable drama, Peter Sarsgaard on joining “The Killing,” and why “The Killing” was un-canceled.

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