Watch: 5 things you don’t see in the ‘Rihanna 777’ teaser for her May 6 TV special

04.04.13 4 years ago

Rihanna gives fans a very short (17 seconds” worth) teaser of what to expect from her upcoming “Rihanna 777” tour TV special, which airs on Fox on May 6.

The show chronicles her November promotional tour for “Unapologetic,”  during which she performed seven shows in seven countries in seven days, and was, indeed, very unapologetic for keeping folks waiting for hours time and time again.

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As one of the 150 journalists embedded on the tour, here”s five things I saw that you don”t see in the short clip:

1. All 150 journalists standing on their plane chairs chanting “just one quote” in unison and begging Rihanna to come talk to us after we”ve had no sighting, other than on stage, in five days.

2.  Drunk fans in Stockholm getting rowdy and belligerent after she keeps them waiting more than two hours to go on.

3.  Conversely, you also don”t see a full shot of the fans going crazy every night as she closed the show with the sensationally-delivered three-pack punch of “Diamonds,” “Umbrella” and an over-the-top “We Found Love” as the confetti drops.

4. The Australian journalist streaking on the plane after we waited three hours to take off  to fly from Berlin to London, a delay that was repeated over and over and over again.

5. Ri-Ri coming through the plane serving champagne after we took off from Los Angeles when everything was still rosy and before, as many of us reported, bedlam erupted.

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