7 Times Julia Roberts was the Funniest Person Alive

04.21.14 4 years ago

Julia Roberts just gave an interview that was — at least for her — unusually un-hilarious. She opened up about motherhood, the death of her half sister, and fame in general, and it made me realize: Wait, this woman — during every interview she gives except this one — may be the best and most unfiltered off-the-cuff celeb we've got.

From her legendary talk show appearances to her shockingly candid rapport with Tom Hanks, Julia clearly has come to a point her career where she doesn't mind speaking her mind even if it means getting a little vulgar or strident. She is the essence of a celebrity who became famous before the internet existed, somebody who is clearly not worried about soundbites being overanalyzed, Unlike many actors today, he certainly doesn't spend much time in interviews feigning self-deprecation so as to remain “likable.” Her unreal ability to be real is what's likable. 

Here are seven times she was — perhaps — the funniest person alive. 

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