7 Underrated Moments from Comedy Goddess Tina Fey

01.12.15 3 years ago

I have a serious problem: Whenever Tina Fey gets a moment to be funny on TV, I find myself running back to YouTube to rediscover every fabulous moment from her comedy career. It's not just that she's “likable” or able to deliver a good one-liner; she has a straightforward, statesmanlike seriousness (not self-seriousness, mind you) and does not even flinch while delivering either silly or damning material. She gets the job done, and that sharpshooter precision is addictive. So today, following another fantastic Golden Globes with her co-host Amy Poehler, let's take a look back at seven times Tina Fey was absolutely hilarious and deserved more attention.  

1. She's a team player. Just watch “Dratch & Fey”

Tina Fey's two-woman show with Rachel Dratch showed off their knack for improvisation and character work. You want this show to become a variety special. I think it could still happen.

2. She owned “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee”


In general, I find “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee” a bit of a snore, but Tina Fey's appearance was just casual and cool enough to turn me back on to Jerry Seinfeld's chatfest.  

3. “Muppets Most Wanted” gave us rousing Russophilia.

“Muppets Most Wanted” was a strange, disjointed film with a couple of wonderful moments, including a Russian-accented Tina Fey as Nadya, a prison guard on a gulag. Nadya even gets her own song, and her little ode to Kermit's prison sentence is a treat.

4. That Mark Twain prize speech? Flawless.

Mark Twain: legendary, hilarious, and a little bit racist. Just like Tina Fey (apparently).

5. She gave the single funniest shout-out to parents in the history of award shows.

“I want to thank my parents for somehow raising me to have confidence that is disproportionate with my looks and abilities,” she said while winning the Best Actress Emmy for “30 Rock,” and continued, “Well done. That is what all parents should do.”

6. She knows everything about rap.

Check out her Tupac/Biggie knowledge. And die laughing at how stupid it is. 

7. She is perhaps most hilarious when describing her own failures.

Here it is, an uproarious story about the McDonald's commercial audition from hell. Never change, Fey.

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