A ‘Deadwood’ movie could actually happen

01.08.16 2 years ago


“Deadwood” has been over for almost a decade, but the David Milch series is still much beloved. There is some good news for those fans, as HBO president Michael Lombardo told TVLine that the channel wants more “Deadwood” almost as much as they do.

Lombardo said that Milch “has our commitment that we are going to do it … it's going to happen.”

TVLine says it'll be a movie, rather than another season. 

That said, it could be a while before we ever see this movie. Milch is apparently working on something else at the moment and a script for the “Deadwood” movie still has to be written. And then there's the matter of finding a time to shoot it when everyone from the cast is available. Which is all to say that this is probably still a long way off, but your patience will rewarded.

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