A look back at Maya Angelou’s TV past

05.28.14 4 years ago

A look back at Maya Angelou”s TV past
The esteemed author and poet appeared on everything from “Roots” to “Sesame Street,” where she played patty cake with Elmo. She also chatted with Arsenio Hall on the phone earlier this year on Martin Luther King Jr. Day. PLUS: How Maya Angelou influenced Oprah.

Watch a man casually climb out of a shark's mouth for Shark Week
Here”s the first promo for this year”s Shark Week.

Watch the 1st full trailer for FX”s “The Strain”
The Guillermo del Toro series looks “creeptastic.”

Adam Sandler on why he won”t host “SNL”: “I just don”t know how good I”d be doing it”
“I don”t know how good it would be,” he says in an interview with Norm Macdonald. “I”m slow now.”

“Mad Men”s” Kevin Rahm talks about filming a lot of phone scenes this season
“My favorite was when they talk about Don pitching Burger Chef instead of Peggy, and I'm on the phone but you don't know it until the very end,” he says. “So I sat just off-camera, in my flip-flops, while they shot that whole scene.”

Fox News officially hires “Clueless” star Stacey Dash
She”ll work as a paid contributor to the conservative-leaning news network.

Bravo”s “The People”s Couch” expanding to 1 hour
The TV-watching show will debut its hourlong format on Tuesday.

How “Nashville” should handle Hayden Panettiere”s reported pregnancy
A pregnant Juliette Barnes could spark a paternity guessing game.

“The Wil Wheaton Project”s” focus on “nerd culture” is odd considering so much of it is mainstream
Wheaton tackled such mainstream hits as the new “X-Men” movie, “The Walking Dead” and “Game of Thrones.” PLUS: Watch Wil Wheaton”s debut episode.

“Little Women: LA” stars discussed whether they were being exploited — while in a hot tub wearing bikinis
The latest little person reality show debuted on Lifetime.

Adult Swim”s “Team Unicorn Saturday Action Fun Hour!” enlists Jane Lynch and Alan Tudyk
The cartoon by the Robot Chicken guys is based on the Team Unicorn cartoons.

“Making the Band”s” O-Town releases its first single in 10 years
The original MTV band members reunited last month, without Ashley Parker Angel.

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