Funny Video, Cute Video: Jake and Amir’s ‘Baby Bjorn’ vs. a possum eating a grape

05.09.13 5 years ago

Look, it”s a match-up of the Internet”s two favorite non-pornographic things: funny videos and cute videos! Fighting for the funny corner, we have the latest offering from College Humor”s dynamic duo, Jake and Amir. In the clip, a handsomely mustachioed Jake finds himself having to contend with the fact that Amir has apparently stolen an infant away from its parents. (All infants are “its” to me.)

Meanwhile in the cute corner, we have a baby possum trying very, very hard to eat a grape. The grape is so big and the possum is so little! It”s akin to a human being trying to eat a bowling ball or any dish from Applebee”s. If that doesn’t sound cute enough for you, you sociopath, this possum fella’s coloring makes it look he’s wearing little tiny fingerless gloves.

So, which is the more delightful video? That”s up to you to decide! Why vote? Well, there is no practical reason at all that you should vote – but don”t you want to feel like you accomplished something today?

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