Aaron Sorkin talks time-jumps, passionate fans and ‘Newsroom’ at PaleyFest

03.05.13 5 years ago 2 Comments

Season 1 of Aaron Sorkin’s new HBO drama “Newsroom” — starring Jeff Daniels, Emily Mortimer, Olivia Munn, and Sam Waterston —  may not have reached the same critical heights of his previous shows like “The West Wing,” but it has a growing number of devoted fans who  are awaiting the upcoming second season with great interest. 

HitFix’s Gregory Ellwood caught up with Sorikn at the Paley TV Festival in Los Angeles and asked him a few questions about the show’s second season, fan reaction, working at HBO, and more

Fans excited to hear what they should expect from season 2 will have to keep waiting. When asked about the rumored time-jump in-between seasons 1 and 2, Sorkin answers, “it starts a week later.”

“There’s a reason why it didn’t jump that far in time,” he explains. “We end up going a ways in time through a device that I came up with, but I really can’t say more than that.”

Sorkin doesn’t elaborate much more on what to expect from season 2. He coyly reveals, “All the stuff fans liked in the first season will be there in spades in the second season, and some new stuff too.”

However, Sorkin tries to steer clear of fan reactions online. “I really appreciate the passionate fan base,” he explains, “but If I go in there [online], I would never be able to write another episode of it again, because there would be these people over here saying they love when this happens and these people who say I love when that happens. I would definitely be trying to make them happy, and I would make no one happy.”

Season 2 of “The Newsroom” is scheduled to premiere sometime in June. 


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