Alicia Keys is on fire about new album, ‘Girl On Fire’

08.23.12 5 years ago

Alicia Keys looks hot on the cover of her new album, “Girl On Fire.”  Clad in all black and looking like a cross between Cat Woman and The Avengers” Black Widow, Keys looks ready to take on the world. And apparently she is: she tells  Entertainment Weekly that “the powerful feeling is what it”s all about.”

Out Nov. 27, the album “represents a new me in every way,” she says.

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Speaking of movies, she reveals that the album”s title song was not a reference to a character in  “The Hunger Games,” but once she and her team realized the similarity, they tried to get the song in the movie, but the timing didn”t work out.

Now 31, Keys says that the album is traces her evolution and her realization that “You don”t have to take the s*** they dish out to you…You can actually make a conscious decision to say, ‘You know, that”s cool, but I”m going to leave that one behind.” And there”s something very empowering about that.”

She credits the birth of her son with helping provide the “perspective shift…All of a sudden, it”s like you”re a full-on f***ing grown up.”

Keys recorded “Girl On Fire” primarily in New York, but also in London and Jamaica. “It just created such an igniting, crazy creation of music and just like explosive situation,” she says.

First single, “New Day,” a loud, clashing, military stomp, a la Beyonce’s “Run The World (Girls)” crossed with Rihanna, came out earlier this summer.


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