All-New Wolverine has some killer new threads, same old no-nonsense attitude


This November, a new hero takes up the mantle of Wolverine in ALL-NEW WOLVERINE #1. It”s been over a year since the “Death of Wolverine” storyline ended the life* of everyone”s favorite cigar-chomping mutant, but the show must go on. Now that the X-Men are safely in possession of Logan”s Adamantium-covered body and Mister Sinister”s plan has been foiled, it”s time for a new beginning.

Who better to continue Wolverine”s legacy than Laura Kinney, aka X-23? And with new responsibilities comes a brand-new look. The new Wolverine might be wearing Logan”s colors, but her street clothes are all her own.

*For now. Other than Uncle Ben, no one stays dead in comics forever.

Image Credit: Marvel Entertainment/David Lopez

From the official press release:

Laura Kinney [is] embrac[ing] her destiny. No longer X-23. No longer the weapon they built her to be. Here comes Wolverine [in a] new ongoing series from writer Tom Taylor with art by David Lopez & David Navarrot! She was created to destroy. But with the help of her mentor and friend Logan – the original Wolverine – she has moved beyond her dark past. Logan may have fallen, but Laura will honor his memory by taking up the mantle and following in his footsteps as a hero. And she”ll stop at nothing to protect those around her from the forces of evil – on-sale this November!

To help fans visualize ALL-NEW WOLVERINE, Marvel released a handful of preview pages from the first issue. Laura is way better and destroying drones than discussing her feelings.

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