Amy Schumer explains to Jon Stewart how she ended up on a jet ski with Jennifer Lawrence

08.04.15 2 years ago


Is shipping a pair of famous galpals a thing? It must be, because the Internet is freaking out over the evidence that two of the chillest, funniest, most beloved actress in Hollywood today are buddies.

When Amy Schumer appeared on “The Daily Show” last night, she chatted about her recent Hamptons vacation where she met up with Jennifer Lawrence for some jet skiing and boating. Schumer was vacationing with some friends from high school who, naturally, freaked out at the opportunity to hang out with Lawrence.

“She”s the coolest chick you”ll ever meet,” Schumer said of “The Hunger Games” star.

Her appearance on “The Daily Show” was barely under the wire – this is Stewart”s final week on the Comedy Central show. It”s actually surprising that the rising starlet didn”t visit “Daily Show” sooner since she”s also part of the Comedy Central family. (Her sketch comedy series, “Inside Amy Schumer,” started airing on the cable network in 2013.) 

“I can”t believe I”m here!” she exclaimed, then offered some sincere gratitude the chance to visit the the talk show that Stewart has hosted since 1999.

Schumer also talked with Stewart about the mass shooting that occurred in a Louisiana movie theater last month during a screening of her film “Trainwreck.” First, the comedienne cracked a joke about the moment she heard the tragic news – “I had a lot of missed calls, so I assumed there was a sex tape of me out or something” – and then she spoke seriously about her new commitment to enact change with gun control laws.

“The second this happened, you wanna act,” she said. The actress spoke at a press conference yesterday alongside her cousin, New York Senator Chuck Schumer, about a gun control bill he is sponsoring.

When a Sandy Hook survivor”s daughter reached out to Schumer about getting involved in efforts to prevent gun violence, the actress”s response was, essentially, “I”m on it, girl,” she recalled on “The Daily Show.”

For more about Schumer”s gun control efforts and for the full vacay with Jennifer Lawrence story, watch Schumer”s appearance on “The Daily Show” here:

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