Arcade Fire take a look in the mirror in lo-fi ‘You Already Know’ video

08.14.14 3 years ago

Arcade Fire are really into the whole “reflection” thing, as seen in the latest video for the bouncy, new wave-y song “You Already Know.”

In it, the sprawling Canadian ensemble occupies some sort of coastal mansion, where they play the song while lounging around an opulent, but tasteful, bedroom. In a move that would make Conan O'Brien (or maybe Harry Potter) proud, the song's vocals are handled by the painted portraits decorating the walls, allowing actual singer Win Butler to record the proceedings with his phone and a small digital camera. 

Compared to their other grandiose videos, it's a defiantly lo-fi excursion, blown out and shaky like a real home video, and allows Butler and the band to continue to explore the mirror motifs found on their most recent album “Reflektor,” from which “You Already Know” is taken.

Watch the video here:


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