Are we all just gonna pretend this was our ‘First Look’ at the new Millennium Falcon?

Deputy Entertainment Editor


Yesterday, the Internet was buzzing with “Star Wars” news. Fortune Magazine had snagged an interview with Disney CEO Bob Iger and the accompanying photoshoot had a Star Wars spaceport in the background. Including, according to the text, “…the first close-up of the new and improved Millennium Falcon.”

Oh really? The Internet will be the judge of that bold claim.

Image Credit: Lucasfilm via Fortune Magazine

Based on some of the pixels and from seeing quite a few shops in my time (and reading the article), this is obviously a fabricated CGI Falcon. Which we've already seen in action and in a thousand thousand screenshots of the trailer. And look, all this highfalutin talk of wire frames and rendering textures and whatever that blue stuff is all over the starboard docking ring (MAKE IT RED), you can”t pass that off as our “first look” at the Falcon if it's just a computer model. What kind of hoodwinkery is this?

But wait, you say! This is our first close-up of the Falcon. You know, except for that official video Bad Robot put up months ago to get the paparazzi to stop sending DRONES – which is some serious commitment to sparkle motion – overhead to snap blurry photos of the set.

But there is one thing that is exclusively new to this photo: that blue paint. That”s it. It wasn”t in the trailer. Yes, I went back and looked frame by frame. No, I”m not ashamed.

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