Artist Alley: The best comic covers I saw this week: Jem, Batman, and more


Every week, an avalanche of stunning comic book cover art is released on an unsuspecting public. Each Thursday, I highlight a handful of my favorites. Come for the subjective taste in art, stay for the inevitable debate on the merits of my taste!

Today we have covers by Joëlle Jones, Danny Miki and Greg Capullo, Brian Froud, Amy Mebberson, Valentine De Landro, Stephanie Hans, and Andrew Robinson!

#1: LADY KILLER #1, 2nd print run – Dark Horse Comics
I'm a sucker for an assassin in a 1950s party dress and the visual disconnect between Suzie Homemaker as mercenary for hire.

Cover by Joëlle Jones. Written by Joëlle Jones and Jamie S. Rich. On sale February 18.

#2: BATMAN #38 – DC Comics
I like my Batman covers like I like my coffee: dark and mentally stimulating.

Cover by Danny Miki and Greg Capullo. Written by Scott Snyder. On sale now.

#3: JEM & THE HOLOGRAMS #2 – IDW Publishing
Stylized pop art AND fuzzy sweaters? Brb, loading up the soundtrack to “Flashdance.”

Cover by Amy Mebberson. Written by Kelly Thompson. On sale April 2015.

#4: BITCH PLANET #2 – Image Comics
I don't know if I'd survive “Bitch Planet,” but college me needed this poster in her room (adult me still does).

Cover by Valentine De Landro. Written by Kelly Sue DeConnick

#5: THOR #7 – Marvel Entertainment
This art makes me want to go out and put evil in a box, and then put that box in another box, mail it to myself, and then SMASH IT WITH A HAMMER.

Cover by Stephanie Hans. Written by Jason Aaron. On sale April 2015.

Technically this cover has been out for a while in hardback, but everyone needs more gorgeous and obscure Jim Henson properties in their life. My ruling stands.

Written by Brian Holguin and Brian Froud. On sale 2015.

#7: THE SHIELD #1 – Dark Circle Comics
I'm getting a post-WWII propaganda vibe from this mysterious new protagonist, and quite frankly I like it.

Cover by Andrew Robinson. Written by Adam Christopher and Chuck Wendig. On sale 2015.

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