At what price freedom? Being Captain America costs millions.

04.19.16 2 years ago

So you think you want to be a superhero? Well, if you”ve got $55 million lying around, you could be on your way.

The U.K.-based company Twizzle did some research and determined the cost of being Captain America isn”t cheap by a long shot. They factored in the Project Rebirth program, the shield, a uniform (and two backups), one Harley-Davidson motorcycle, some guns and a salary and figured out the cost to make Steve Rogers a defender of the free world was exactly $55,114,220.

Surprisingly, the most expensive part of being Captain America is not the whole Rebirth program. For that, the company only estimated that cost at just over $500k, a bargain one would think. The real expense comes with the Captain”s shield and securing the fictional element Vibranium. According to the infographic (see below), in an issue of Fantastic Four, it”s listed that Vibranium costs an absurd $10,000 per gram.  By way of comparison, gold currently costs about $40 for the same weight.

Steve Rogers will put this equipment to the test in the upcoming Captain America: Civil War. The movie is set for a May 6 release.

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