Benedict Cumberbatch is soaking wet and eye-sexing the camera for charity

09.17.14 3 years ago

First the Ice Bucket Challenge, and now this. Benedict Cumberbatch knows what his audience wants when it comes to raising awareness for charity.

To celebrate his support of the Give Up Clothes For Good campaign (GUCFG), Cumberbatch stripped down to recreate perhaps the most infamous Jane Austen moment from “Pride and Prejudice.” You know, the moment when Mr. Darcy takes a dunk in the lake and unfairly remains as attractive as ever. The photo will be part of an art exhibit to raise funds for GUCFG from September 16-20 at La Galleria Pall Mall in London.

For a decade, GUCFG has asked people to send their unwanted clothes to them. The donations end up at the TK Maxx store, with all proceeds from sale going to fund cancer research.

Brace yourselves.

Image Credit: Jason Bell

[Via Metro UK]

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